Client Testimony

"First off let me say Jacqui doesn't coddle, she's firm but she's fair and she makes you think, challenge yourself and face your truths! Her calm demeanor is comforting and it feels like we have known each other forever. She not only helped me define my purpose but she also helped me discover my passion. By my 3rd session, she got me to return to school to complete my degree which was a goal I had put off for years! I am proud to say I am 1 class from graduation. She has also helped boost my confidence. I can't imagine how my life might have gone without Coach J!"


Client Testimony

"Jacqui has helped me take my life to the next level. During a time when I was confused and lacked ambition she inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and get a college degree and develop my career. She is my go to person!"

Natalie W.

Client Testimony

"Jacqui has been my life coach for over 4 years. Some people talk to their best friends when in a rough patch. Some talk to family...for me I talk to Jacqui. Family & Friends can sometimes be judgemental but I NEVER get that from Jacqui. She is Always professional, objective and judgement free!"

M. Doyle

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